Wasted Sounds for Irmag

Liner notes for my sound art piece for the installation of Kinga Toth in Debrecen

For her installation Irmag in Debrecen multi-disciplinary artist Kinga Toth built a work of art out of unnecessary things and waste materials she collected from the citizens of the town. These materials range from plastic bottles and other plastic waste to defective electronic devices.

Poster for the exhibition in Debrecen

Here are some impressions of the installation as a work in progress:

When Kinga Toth asked me to compose some music for this installation, I decided to build it from unnecessary or depraved sounds. I have been thinking about what the acoustic equivalent of the waste used to build the installation might be, that is, what sounds might be considered wasted sounds. Finally, I pulled out an older live recording that I originally made for an online gig, but then did not use because it did not meet my quality requirements. I first cut this depraved recording into small sound samples. Then I integrated these discarded sounds into a temporal structure. From time to time sine waves appear and are gradually distorted, degraded and destructed, until they become waste. Thus, I use in this piece sounds that are waste from the beginning and pure sounds that are destructed and also become waste. These sounds are also continuously moving in space as much as this illusion can be achieved in a stereo recording. The playtime is 25 1/2 minutes, and the piece can also be used as a loop.

A video I made of the installation with my music for it can be found on YouTube:

Wasted Sounds for Irmag, Ausgesuchtestenohren 2021

For more information on Kinga Toth and her art visit her homepage.

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